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Everhere is a funeral organization that fundamentally believes it is time to reinvent the experience of the harsh reality of a loved one's death.

Reinventing death care through :

  • Direct access to new and useful information online
  • Immediate, safe, face-to-face accompaniment by accredited ambassadors
  • Unlimited choices without pressure or judgment
  • Fair costs
  • Easy to use services with professional support
  • A creative team available to organize funeral services and events representative of your deceased loved one

Everhere believes that in times of vulnerability, people need real answers, transparency, presence and someone to truly listen to their needs. That's why, no matter the time or day, Everhere promises the accompaniment of an ambassador who knows how to adjust to the unique expectations of each person experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Everhere, a path

Mourning drives a search for meaning. This is how the death of a brother led to a reflection on the funerary field.

  • Why do people have to go into debt when a family member dies?
  • Why can’t those who show their support for the family have the opportunity to contribute to the costs?
  • Why are costs so high?
  • Are the services that are offered really worth the asking price?
  • Why does tradition slow down or oppose the evolution of what we are capable of today?

The world is changing, everyone has their own beliefs and are searching for answers online. Everhere is the solution.

Our mission

A few years of technological research and development have given birth to an innovative concept of services designed for families when facing the death of a loved one. Inspired by the sharing economy, Everhere's mission is to enable families to:

  • Choose online “a la carte” services that really suit them, without having to face a “traditional funeral service vendor”
  • To obtain transparent and justified prices
  • Pay directly online with peace of mind
  • Feel supported by accredited ambassadors dedicated to fulfilling your wishes
  • Protect environement by having eco-responsible options

Everhere’s vision

  • Organize tribute events in different places, significant of the deceased person's personality.
  • Open service points across North America so every family can truly receive great service at a great price.
  • Give the families a portion of the profits made to help them pay the funeral expenses or make a memorial contribution to an organization of their choice to allow them to live more serenely with their grief.

Everhere’s values

  • Transparency
  • Humanity
  • Environmentalism
  • Professional and warm support
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
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Ride with us the wave of change

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