William Cole Funerals

Located in Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory

60 Nettlefold St, Belconnen ACT

Traditional service, Burial service, Funeral service, Cremation, Pre-arrangements, Caskets & Vaults & Urns and more products, Flowers


Located in Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory

The right funeral will celebrate the things that made your loved one so special. Their sense of humour. Their quirks. A love of gardening. Their beloved "66 Mercedes. Their dedication to family. Their childhood. Their culture. Their views on life and what comes after. The big things, the small things – they all come together to paint a portrait of the person.

At William Cole Funerals, we do things your way. We don"t believe in only offering generic funeral services that say little about the person they celebrate. We prefer to plan the funeral around the life that they lived. You knew them best, so tell us all about them, and together, we"ll plan a funeral that feels We're a family owned business and have been proudly serving the local Canberra community for over 25 years.

We focus on making each funeral a truly beautiful moment; a true celebration of one's life.

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