Allens Funerals PTY Ltd.

Allens Funerals PTY Ltd.

Located in Cooma, New South Wales

43 Denison St, Cooma NSW 2630, Australia

Funeral service, Memorial service, Cremation, Transport, Chapel


Located in Cooma, New South Wales

Allens Funerals was established in 1921 and has continued as a family-run funeral business servicing the families of the Cooma and Monaro districts. We offer a full range of funeral and mortuary services, especially covering the Cooma, Snowy Mountains, Monaro and Palerang areas, extending into the Far South Coast of NSW and up to the ACT.

However, our services are not limited to those areas and we are able to assist in transfers, transportation and services from all areas of Australia as well as repatriations to and from overseas locations. We have both male and female staff members, so if a gender preference is expressed, we are able to accommodate your wishes.

Allens Funerals was seeking to establish a chapel and crematorium within Cooma. Plans are currently on hold. However, Allens Funerals is committed to assisting with ensuring that all services are a dignified and fitting celebration of life.. Presently about 60% of our clients choose cremation and we have to either travel to 1 1/2 hours north to Mitchell in the ACT or 1 1/2 hours south to Wolumla, neither of which are always convenient for families and friends, especially those with transportation difficulties, to attend services.

In some circumstances, a home service may be possible prior to a private cremation. Although there are no Department of Health restrictions, (so long as a coffin is sealed); many businesses do not wish to have a coffin on their premises for a service to be conducted. However, many will allow an urn or Ashes casket, for a service to be conducted following a private cremation._ It is hoped that a local chapel and crematorium may come back on our agenda at some stage in the future, as it would allow many more people to attend and pay last respects to a loved family member or friend, in a purpose-built first class facility, rather than direct committals which remove that chance unless a local memorial service is organised at a later date.

In 1996, Alan moved his family to Cooma and he took over the family business. Alan did his training with his uncle Jack Bitten, who had been running the business. Wendy offers the woman"s touch in face-to-face dealings of the firm. Anyone wanting a woman to care for. their loved one can be entirely confident that Wendy will treat their loved one with the dignity and respect deserved.

Wendy joined Allens in 2009, initially in a casual capacity to see how she liked the industry. Now that she has settled into the business, Wendy feels that she has really found her niche, thoroughly embracing the work and finding it incredibly rewarding, especially meeting all the people. She loves working with the families and assisting them, which she finds fulfilling work.

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