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Located in Warriewood, New South Wales

5 Streamdale Grove, Warriewood NSW 2102, Australia

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Located in Warriewood, New South Wales

I have always had an interest in the importance of ceremony and ritual in our lives in order to mark important milestones. When I was young I attended a number of funerals for family members and was saddened that the service seemed to be perfunctory and did not give any idea of what my relative was like, pay any tribute to their life, and achievements, or offer any consolation to the bereaved family members.This motivated me to think about ways in which a funeral could offer real comfort to those left behind.

I completed formal training as a funeral celebrant in 2005 and since then have conducted a variety of funerals and memorial services. I believe that the most important function of a funeral is to bring comfort to those who are left behind. This is achieved by creating a service that pays sincere tribute to the deceased one, gives hope and consolation to the mourners, and allows family members and friends a safe space to express their grief and to participate if they wish.

This is an important step in the grieving process. I feel that it is important to have music and readings which reflect on the personality and attributes of the deceased. It is very rewarding to work with families to create such a service, a service which is compassionate, respectful and consoling. Sometimes, when I meet people & they find that I am a funeral celebrant, they are surprised and say that it must be a very depressing job.

Well, of course I feel the sadness of family members at times, that's only human. But I do sincerely feel privileged to be able to walk with families, from the time of the death of their loved one, and together, create a service which is respectful and a beautiful celebration of the life of the deceased.

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A Personal Funeral 5 Streamdale Grove, Warriewood NSW 2102, Australia (02) 9979 2315