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An Alternative to Burial and Cremation Gains Popularity

17 days ago

An Alternative to Burial and Cremation Gains Popularity  - Everhere Obituary Blog

Aquamation or alkaline hydrolysis is the process where the body is placed in a vessel which is attached to water lines. The water has high alkaline properties and is washed over the body for several hours or days, dissolving tissue from the bones.  Once the bones are clean, they are crushed, put in an urn and given to loved ones.  The water that was used in the aquamation process is then used as a fertilizer for gardening.

Simple, isn’t it?  Think about it.  No embalming, which is toxic and can seep into ground water, and retards natural decomposition.  No casket, which is a waste of expensive hardwood and hardware.  No expensive burial plot, which is a waste of land you are about to contaminate by burying your embalmed loved one in the ground in an expensive casket, leaving you heart broken and broke.

Funeral homes and society should really change how they proceed with disposal of our dead.  I know it has a lot to do with tradition and all our installed ideas of how we proceed to the next life, but just like there are many ways to die, there are many ways to be disposed of.  The more natural, the better! 

For more information on this process, please visit www.aquamationindustries.com and make a difference to this planet and all it’s natural glory.

Article by Caroline Spencer

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