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Bios Urn: A new way to die

7 months ago • 1 Comment

Bios Urn: A new way to die  - Everhere Obituary Blog

Many people are under the impression that death is the end. But this is no longer the case with Bios Urn, an urn that is not only 100% completely biodegradable but also brings you back to life as a tree through the wonders of nature.

You can see the full description of the product and buy it here

The urn comes in two separate capsules: One contains an individual’s ashes and the other contains a prepared soil mix within an expansion disk. The Bios Urn can then be planted into the ground and watered. The soil mix allows efficient water flow that expands the size of the disk which, in turn, mixes the individual’s ashes with the soil. 

Due to the eco-conscious composition of the urn, which does not include any sort of chemical additives, the urn eventually completely disappears, leaving the soil mixture, tree seed and ashes in the ground to thrive.

The Bios Urn is a better option than traditional urns

The Bios Urn is a much cheaper alternative than many high-end urns that can cost hundreds of dollars and do nothing but sit on a shelf or in the back of someone’s closet. The Bios Urn only costs $145 and does not sit idly, it instead returns a person’s ashes to the environment and adds a much-needed tree to the planet.

Most other urns are not made from biodegradable materials. Why would you hurt the planet with an urn made from materials that may never biodegrade, when you can use an urn that not only will fully biodegrade, but it will also have an incredibly positive impact on our environment.

Bios Urn is also fully compatible with a pet’s ashes, allowing you to have your life-long companion live on in the form of a tree.

If you care about the environment and are looking for an environmentally conscious urn solution, the aforementioned details make the decision rather cut-and-dry. The Bios Urn is the number one solution that lets the deceased live on in form of a tree and have a positive impact on the environment!

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