Fantin's Funeral Chapel

Fantin's Funeral Chapel

Located in Blairmore, Alberta

13461 20 Ave, Blairmore, AB

Cremation, Pre-arrangements, Grief support, Flowers, Chapel


Located in Blairmore, Alberta

We are honoured to serve the communities of the Crowsnest Pass, Pincher Creek, Elkford and surrounding areas. As an award winning establishment, we are often requested to serve families throughout Alberta and British Columbia and we strive to uphold the high standards and ethics that this industry must maintain. What we do is important and the people we honour with our services deserve our best.

Over the decades, our community has been served by several funeral professionals, each dedicated to exceptional service and compassion. The first owner of the funeral home was Jack Hall, who then sold the business to Frank Eden of Pincher Creek, Alberta. In 1963, Ernie & Anne Fantin purchased the business from Frank Eden and they operated the business from 1963 to 1995.

In 1995, Service Corporation International (SCI) bought Fantin"s Funeral Chapel from Ernie & Ann. However, Ernie remained working for SCI for 1½ years before he officially retired from the business in 1997. In 1996, Darrell Sydora came to work for SCI Fantin"s Funeral Chapel in the Crowsnest Pass. After Ernie Fantin"s official retirement from SCI, Darrell was promoted to Manager of SCI Fantin"s Funeral Chapel.

In 2007, SCI sold the business to Darrell & Moo Sydora, creating a warm, caring atmosphere for families. To this very day, Darrell, Moo and their children work every day to provide the best assistance in your time of need and earn the trust and respect from the families served.

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