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Graham Funeral Home

Located in Oliver, British Columbia

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Located in Oliver, British Columbia

Ginette is a warm and caring individual therefore choosing a career in the Funeral Industry seemed a natural fit for her. As a child, she recalls her first funeral experience, the funeral of her beloved grandfather Joe. Although she was very young, she felt it to be such a beautiful way to honour her family leader, as well as her family heritage.

It was a time to gather together in support with family and friends, both near and far, and to share memories and stories of this quiet and distinguished man. That significant memory has played a role in her decision to become a funeral director and she has since played an active role in countless funeral services. aving been raised and having raised her own family in a small French community in northern Alberta, she deeply values and understands clearly all the unique characteristics that a small town charm brings.

She is the proud mother of two well-grounded and successful adult children. She spent over 20 years teaching private classical piano and vocal lessons and has lead several youth and adult choirs alike. Ginette has been referred to as the singing angel providing much comfort through her angelic and rich-sounding voice for countless families during their time of loss. ommunity volunteering has always been of great importance for Ginette.

Using her strong musical skills, she played an active role as music leader within her Catholic Church and Diocese. During the last two years she had the privilege to participate in a catholic fundraising group called "Angels On High". It is through this group of diverse and active individuals that Ginette had the opportunity to summit several of the stunning and breathtaking Rocky Mountains. ome of her interests include running and training for half marathons, hiking, swimming, camping, community volunteer work, spending quality time with friends and family, teaching music, walking her German Shepherd and sharing life experiences with Troy. nderstanding the importance of a great foundation, Ginette is grateful to have had been guided by distinguished mentors in the funeral industry such as Vern & Marion Weber, Dorothea Schaab, Brad Baker, and Sean Witter.

While Ginette brings with her a strong leadership, she also places great importance to meaningful relationships, professionalism, meticulousness and continues to share her strengths with all those she meets. She always engages life with sincerity and a genuine care for others. Our professional and caring staff is dedicated to working with your family to provide assistance in selecting high quality and affordable funeral services during your time of need

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