Providence Funeral Homes

Providence Funeral Homes

Located in Penticton, British Columbia

1258 Main St, Penticton, BC

Traditional service, Burial service, Funeral service, Memorial service, Cremation, Pre-arrangements, Grief support, Caskets & Vaults & Urns and more products, Testimonials, Columbarium, Chapel


Located in Penticton, British Columbia

Providence has two convenient locations to serve you in the Penticton and Summerland communities. We are family owned and operated. All of our professional, licensed staff are local residents so we are sensitive to your expectations. We value the trust, confidence and friendship that families place in us and we will continue to work to earn it by providing thoughtful guidance and patient support.

Providence"s Penticton Chapel was established in 1983 by the Werner Henseleit family on the 200 block of Martin Street in Penticton. Later they purchased a house on the corner of Bennett and Calgary Ave. to renovate and function as a full service funeral home. In 1987, a major renovation was underway and a larger chapel and reception area were added.

In 1998 the Henseleit business was sold to an American Company (SCI). In February 2006, Providence"s Penticton Chapel and Providence Funeral Homes & Crematorium once again became a family operation with the purchase by Ron and Taraleigh Crooker. Rosedale Chapel was established by the Henseleit family in 1995. At the same time, Summerland Funeral Chapel was operated separately by SCI.

In 1998, the American company SCI purchased Rosedale Chapel and amalgamated the two facilities to become Summerland Rosedale Chapel. In February of 2006, Summerland Rosedale Chapel returned to being operated as a family business with the purchase by Ron and Taraleigh Crooker of Providence Funeral Homes. Providence Crematorium, originally named Okanagan Crematorium, is the oldest cremation operation in the South Okanagan.

It is located in the Northwest corner of Lakeview Cemetery in Penticton. It has a rustic picturesque setting, overlooking Okanagan Lake and the city of Penticton. It is part of the Providence family and owned and operated by Ron and Taraleigh Crooker.

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