Paul O'Connor Funeral Home

Paul O'Connor Funeral Home

Located in Scarborough, Ontario

1939 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON

Burial service, Funeral service, Professional service, Transport, Flowers, Death certificate


Located in Scarborough, Ontario

A funeral or memorial service not only honours the memory of a loved one, but is also a special time for family and friends to gather. The Paul O"Connor Funeral Home prides itself on our professional staff and the exemplary service they provide. Our representatives are committed to serving the needs of the community in a caring and respectful manner.

For complete information on our facilities, services and fees, please call, fax or come in and the members of our staff will gladly assist you. A family owned and operated business, Paul and Margaret O"Connor actively operate and manage the day to day proceedings and are assisted by a group of skilled and dedicated family members and staff.

Paul O"Connor is a second generation Funeral Director, licensed in 1952. His father Frank operated a funeral home in east-end Toronto for many years. Paul O"Connor funeral home has been providing dignified, meaningful funeral services in Scarborough since 1967.

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Paul O'Connor Funeral Home Paul O'Connor Funeral Home 1939 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON 416-751-7890 Send flowers