Jerry McCord Van Dyke's obituary, Passed away on January 5th 2018 in Malvern, Arkansas

Jerry McCord Van Dyke

(1931 - 2018)

Malvern, Arkansas

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Jerry McCord Van Dyke - Obituary

Date of Birth : July 27 1931

Place of Birth : Danville, Illinois

Date Deceased : Jan 5 2018

Location : Malvern, Arkansas

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Jerry McCord Van Dyke, passed away on January 5 2018 in Malvern, Arkansas USA, leaving to mourn family and friends. He was an American actor and the younger brother of Dick Van Dyke.

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Marie Bahr

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Jerry. I know this is a very difficult time losing such a wonderful person. God see what you are going through and knows of your deep heartache and the many tears you shed and he wants to sustain you in the days ahead. In the Bible at 2 Corinthians 4:7 it says that God can give us, “… power beyond what is normal,” to go from one day to the next. This does not mean that we no longer cry or that we forget, but it means we recover. We can recover because of the hope he gives us. When Jesus was on earth he saw the grief that his friends Martha and Mary experienced at the death of their brother, Lazarus. His heart was pained by their great sadness that he cried (John 11:35). It moved him to resurrect Lazarus. Everyone was so joyful at having Lazarus back with them. This example is to hopefully give you assurance that he will also resurrect Jerry. Jesus Christ talked about our hope in John 5:28, “… all those in the memorial tomb will hear his voice and come out.” Jesus was referring to the resurrection as the hope that can anchor us. Just like an anchor stabilizes a ship, our hope stabilizes us, keeps us from drowning in overwhelming sadness so we have the power to go on. When God brings the reality of his promised resurrection, he will turn all your tears of pain into tears of joy.


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