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Whether it's during a death or when one makes the decision to enter into a funeral pre-arrangement, it's not easy to choose a funeral home. Here are some ways to get your head right and get your money's worth.

1. Shop around

The majority of shoppers have one question: what is the price?

Many funeral homes respond in such a way that it is difficult to compare the prices given over the phone. Others give only the price of services and omit the required goods. While some still only talk about their packages, without really defining what these packages include or not.

If the price is the main concern, which may be the case if the deceased had nothing or had incurred debts, do not hesitate to mention it. Some homes will simply refuse to serve you while others will offer you solutions because they have agreements with charities that can help cover the costs of worthy funeral services, as do the ambassadors of Everhere who can help you in all your steps.

Again, ask questions about what special programs include or not to get to grips with it.

Before you call or shop online, set your budget and desires. So you can ask the question of the price much more concretely saying for example: "We have a budget of $ 4200, and we want to organize a visitation and a ceremony, what do you have to offer us?" You will have a much better idea of what is possible.

2. Pay attention to unnecessary or optional items

This is what you should be looking for throughout the process. Here are some examples of common practices that are not very useful.

In the case of cremation
You do not have to bring clothes, it is only recommended to assist the thanatopracteur. The dead are wrapped in a shroud, their modesty is preserved. They are usually washed in the hospital before transport. The remains that have not been handled are more relaxed, the body rests in peace.

Dispersion of ashes
If you plan to disperse the ashes, you do not need to buy an urn of several hundred dollars. Ask to rent one for the time of the condolences and the ceremony.

You also do not have to buy a casket if you want a cremation after exposure of the body. Rental is possible and much more affordable.

Inclusions in the packages
The packages include mostly hidden fees such as the crucifix you may not want, support for the signature registry, and many other useless things. Ask questions and insist that you do not get charged these fees.

The food
The traditional cold trays are increasingly shunned by people who come to show their sympathy. The food at afternoon snack time will remain on the table. In different places of funeral homes, cocktails are becoming more popular. In general, 4 bites per person are enough. In the afternoon, cookies, cupcakes, vegetable dips work well with a good coffee. Fancy displays do not impress anyone anymore.

Location of the event
Note that if the visitation, the ceremony and the reception take place elsewhere than in a traditional funeral home, you can avoid paying large profit margins by doing business directly with a caterer or the restaurant of the hotel.

Burial of ashes
The hearse and the cortege are superfluous when it comes to burying ashes. The majority of cemeteries will provide the necessary accompaniment for a prayer by the burial area.

When these elements are all clear in your mind, you are in a position of trust to negotiate and avoid being taken advantage of.

3. Demand transparency

Refuse evasive answers and affirmations such as: quality is our policy! You want to do business with someone who can answer your questions straight and give you verifiable information.

Ask all the questions raised by the proposed items. The truth in this area is the guarantee of real quality. The prices of the funeral world have been well-kept secrets for too long.

4. Verify your options

Does the funeral home offer you choices and options other than packages at different prices? Do you have a choice of funeral property, time, place, type of ceremony?

These are things that may be important to you. Check.

5. Choose competence and expertise

Some funeral companies take care of all the necessary steps with the governmental authorities, provide immediate proof of death for meetings with the financial institutions, the suppliers of services and the insurance companies. Others leave you struggling with administrative lapses and legal concerns. Again, ask your questions and demand frank answers. You do not want to have to decode all the documents and phone everywhere searching for advice. Professionally, and its accredited ambassadors can do it for you.

6. Seek to establish a true relationship

Does the person answering your call show you genuine sympathy? Are they worried about you? Do you feel comfortable asking him or her your questions? Do they take your side to find solutions? Do they give you useful advice? So many points to evaluate, because the relationship that you will establish with the person who will help you will make the difference between a positive experience and an execrable memory. You need the touch of a human who listens and shows empathy in a moment like this.

7. Some ideas to reduce costs

Choosing flowers that you like at a florist is not always an attractive option, as vendors see you coming and make special prices to funeral homes because of the volume they generate. If you are a member of Costco, you can choose flowers or flowering plants, but you will have to arrange them in one or more vases by yourself.

Here are other interesting ideas:

  • Order the urn you like online. It is possible to find very beautiful urns for good prices that are delivered very quickly;
  • The majority of businesses such as Staples, offer images and texts to make bookmarks that may not be the best quality, but quite presentable;
  • Copying centres and some pharmacies can easily enlarge a photo that you have taken care to rework through online software. When choosing the frame, make sure that the frame has a rear leg so that the photo can stand by itself next to the urn.

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