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General information

Everhere selects, among those interested, those who share our values:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Devotion
  • Welcoming and open-mindedness
  • Creativity focused on solutions


Ambassadors must have training in helping relationships, customer service or event organization.

Specific skills:

  • Excellent french; bilingualism is an asset
  • Uses internet regularly
  • Leadership
  • Successful completion of Everhere training

General skills:

  • Empathy, listening, and adaptability;
  • Resilience - the cases to be treated can reach the personal sensitivity of the ambassadors who must maintain excellent mental and physical presence to develop a healthy detachment, while remaining emotionally available;
  • Autonomy and initiative;
  • Full respect for the confidentiality of each file. However, the attachment and the bond built with the declarant and his family can be maintained beyond the intervention as ambassador;
  • Attention to detail. Families are especially sensitive to everything. Their perception of the facts is usually distorted by the state in which they are. The ambassador must be constantly attentive to what can be interpreted as a lack of respect for the deceased person;
  • Creativity and ability to bring people into a different process by guiding and reassuring them; they go out of the traditional way and have to make their choice in front of their family members, which can be seen as a big risk;
  • Ability to advise without exerting the slightest pressure;
  • Honest and reliable;
  • Dedication and commitment capacity over a longer or shorter period;
  • Non-judgmental;
  • Ability to find effective solutions to obstacles encountered before or during service delivery;
  • Availability and mobility. Among other things, the ambassador will have to travel to the family's home if necessary, go to the places he or she has identified to organize events in order to validate Everhere standards compliance. In addition, he or she will have to attend every event that he or she has helped organize in his or her locality, including presentations or brief exposure of the body before cremation. Occasionally, he will also have to drive one or two family members who have chosen to take a last look at the body of their deceased if they do not feel able to get there by their own means.

Other requirements:


The ambassador must have a car and a valid driver's license. It must be insured, registered and meets Everhere requirements. The vehicle will be inspected, approved and then accredited by Everhere.

Laptop or Tablet

Each ambassador should have a portable personal computer and, ideally, a TV screen on which he or she can project the images relating to the choices as to the location of the event and assets such as bookmarks, sets and the like.

Meeting place

He or she must be able to provide, at home or elsewhere, a clean, pleasant, warm and safe physical place to accommodate families at the time of the meeting. This aspect will be carefully controlled by Everhere managers. If the ambassador can not offer this frame, if he has, for example, pets that can cause allergies, if the proposed place can not be away from children or members of the family of the ambassador he will have to go to the family's home to make the meeting.

Dress code

Everhere is very strict about the presentation and appearance of its ambassadors. Body hygiene must be impeccable. Nails should be clean and cut, brushed teeth, good breath, clean, clean hair, good body odor, beard and trimmed hair, etc. No garments of bad smell, wrinkled, stained or with animal hair will be tolerated. No aggressive items will be tolerated such as skulls, or other negative subjects. Also, no religious symbols because it could differentiate from the beliefs of the family and cause a conflict of interest.

Women will be required to wear earth-colored clothing: gray, beige, white, brown, black, khaki green, navy blue, black, charcoal. Skirts and dresses must be chic covering the thighs. The bust must be covered. A beautiful scarf can also be used. In short, professional and neat clothing.

Men will also wear earth-colored clothing. They must wear pants, a belt, closed shoes and a shirt with a collar with a tie or suit jacket if necessary.

In addition, ambassadors must wear an identification pin.

*Absolute sobriety while in the presence of families and during driving


Ambassadors will be required to ensure that they are aware of the provisions of the laws and regulations on funeral services and pre-arrangements of their province or state, and country and to ensure that they are respected at all times. Special training, without remuneration, will be provided.


The ambassador will be paid as a self-employed person. His or her remuneration will be established according to each task completed. The Ambassador will have to approve in advance any expense or additional time required and will have to submit an invoice for each intervention. The number of interventions per week will be limited to two per ambassador when it comes to organizing a ceremony, unless there are very special cases. An evaluation of interventions will be systematically submitted to each family. The overall assessment and comments provided as part of this evaluation will serve as criteria for the assignment of additional mandates.

Support and technical support

Everhere ambassadors will face suffering in many ways. They will need to be able to ventilate and reassure themselves with experienced people who can listen and offer coaching depending on the circumstances. On the phone, by e-mail or directly online, they will be able to access the technical support support service at any time, between 9am and 9pm.

In addition, ambassadors will be regularly invited to participate in best practice sharing meetings with other members of the Everhere team in their area. If necessary, they will also be able to take advantage of coaching and continuing education sessions or development groups to find solutions to problems encountered with the platform or other aspects of their work. These activities will allow them to be part of a team that aims to offer services of unparalleled quality while remaining constantly innovative to monitor changes in use when the death of a loved one occurs. The Everhere organization opens the doors to a new way of life offering the chance to meet incredible people and enjoy fantastic experiences.

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