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LIfe is beautiful. But it always has an end. Everyone, at one point, will be confronted by death. Death is inevitable.

Everhere’s mission is to offer a new approach on how the world views and deals with the harsh reality of death. We believe that in today’s society, people need to open up the dialogue about the death of a loved one and the great void it creates. Too often, people shun the very concept of death as a defense mechanism because they find it too difficult to find solace and understand their grief. What’s more, because people don’t talk about death, as it is a taboo subject, many are ill-prepared for their passing, leaving their families and friends with the burden of taking care of the arrangements.

When faced with death, comfort and understanding cannot be bought. It is a matter of the heart.

We believe that families should regain control of the entire funeral planning process—whether for them or their loved ones. We believe that the death care industry must evolve and cater to the changing needs of new generations who are tech-savvy, curious, wanting to protect their loved one’s heritage, and looking for more affordable funeral services that are not only based on final wishes but also on a more transparent relationship with funeral homes.

Everhere also centralizes publicly available obituaries from around North America, so that people have a go-to source to never miss the passing of a loved one again. We aggregate basic death notice information (facts only) by city simply to make it easier for people to be informed in case someone they know has passed.

We are an online portal, whereby information that is not under copyright is available to the general public. It is a free service offered to users.

Everhere envisions a future in which transparency, accountability and empowerment will govern decisions about death. Believe us, you will be able to better deal with the loss of a loved one in such an environment.