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Everhere allows families to create free obituaries for their loved ones and claim revenues driven by sales via our crowdfunding software. Families can decide whether to receive their share of revenues or donate them to a charity of their choice in memory of their loved one. We believe that families are the sole owners of their loved ones’ obituaries and its profits. Everhere retains minimal revenue to cover the cost and administration fees for operating our free obituary platform, and to build new services and extra value experiences for better costs that offer new alternative answers to today’s needs.

We also centralize basic facts of publicly available obituaries throughout North America, so that families can easily create a memorial using the provided template, and share it, so people will never miss the death of a loved one by using a free tool at their fingertips.

We are an online portal, whereby information that is not under copyright is available to the general public. It is a free service offered to users that gives back to families more than ever; a generational forthcoming. When faced with death, comfort and understanding cannot be bought. It is a matter of the heart.

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