Everhere centralizes and aggregates publicly available facts so that people have a source of information and are notified of deaths in their city. Everhere allows its millions of visitors to consult, receive death notices and memorials as well as express their sympathies. The platform allows families to create a free obituary and take advantage of the Everhere solidarity program which gives them profits made from the commemorative page of their loved one.
By law, we can only post death notices consisting of basic facts: names, cities, and dates. We do this and add text, along with a list of predeceased and survived relatives. Only obituaries posted by the family or funeral home directly to our website have photos and original texts. We encourage families and friends to add photos and upload original texts to their loved one's obituaries for free. We also encourage funeral homes to work with us by sharing their obituaries with permission from families. Funeral homes can share obituaries with us through our affiliates section for free to receive monetary aid for families to help with funeral costs, for the personal use of the family, or for a charitable donation as chosen by the family.
These options are provided if someone would like to purchase memorial gifts, send sympathy flowers to the funeral services or family directly, or buy other products or services. The fees for lighting a candle go towards the development of our organization, since we provide our online services for free unless the family claims the death notice. Flowers that are purchased on our website are fulfilled by local florists in partnership with Blooms Today. The person purchasing the flowers must provide the address of where the flowers are being sent. There is no obligation for anyone to purchase anything from our website. This service makes things simpler for those who wish to send flowers as flower orders are automatically sent to the closest local florist of the recipient. You can also leave condolences when a candle is lit or flowers are sent; an image of a candle or the image of the flowers you purchased will appear in your post, unless you select for it to be hidden. The planting of Trees of Tribute in memory of a loved one is also available. 10% of the sales is given to the family or the charity/organization of their choice when the obituary is claimed.
Claiming an obituary is providing proper documentation proving that you can rightfully activate donations to be received by you or a charity of your choice in memory of the deceased. You will also receive the majority of commission earned through sales of candles, flowers, and other products purchased by family and friends. To claim an already existing obituary, scroll down on the obituary page and click “Claim this obit” located in the box titled “Are you a family member?” on the right-hand side. Follow the simple steps and click “Claim for free.” You can also claim an obituary when creating one on Everhere, which is free.
Yes, you can write condolences directly on the obituary page, which appear in the “Sympathy messages” section.
Yes. When someone lights a candle and/or leaves condolences, they receive an immediate pop-up asking them if they wish to notify the family. If so, they must select the platform they wish to use to notify the family and supply an email address or social media account name of the family member they wish to share their message with. Everhere also sends condolences that have accumulated periodically to funeral homes via email if the family was not initially notified.
The specified locations on the obituaries could vary in meaning. The location can be where the deceased resided, the city of passing, or the city of the funeral home which provided services for the deceased. If, at any time, a member of the family wishes to change the location on their loved one’s obituary, you can submit a modification to be approved. The location is used to categorize the obituary by city for search purposes and free subscribers.
Yes. Contact us directly and notify us on what needs to be changed and we will make the necessary changes upon request. You may also click “Edit this obituary” and edit the obituary yourself. A member of our team will then review the changes that were submitted. Please note that complete original obituaries are displayed only when given direct permission by the family or funeral home.
Yes. If you would like to remove a obituary, click on the “Report this obituary” button located underneath the “Send Flowers” button. Please note that the link to the obituary might still be viewed on internet search engines until their maintenance is completed. However, when that link is clicked, the page will not be found because it had already been deleted by Everhere.com.
Click "Light a candle" then click "Light your candle" and fill in the boxes with the necessary information. Then click "Continue" and select the duration of time you would like the candle to burn and pay the associated fee. Once completed, you can share your message with the family directly by clicking one of the share icons that will appear in the top corner of your message box and providing the email address or social media name of a member of the family you would like to share it with.
Trees of Tribute are offered through our partner Blooms Today who works directly with the National Forest Foundation. If you wish to plant trees in memory of your loved one, your order will be received by Everhere and sent to Blooms Today who makes the donation to the National Forest Foundation. The National Forest Foundation will then plant the number of trees you have selected among the National forests in The United States of America. You will receive a certificate stating your donation and who the trees were planted in memory of by email directly.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of the products we sell, within 120 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.
This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone. Please click here to read our complete Privacy policy.