1. What is everhere?

Everhere is an online database of obituaries that are found online available to the public. We provide our users with the ability to receive obituaries for the city of their choice daily free of charge. Our company serves to inform the public of obituaries that are already on the internet by categorizing them by city. We are making it available for the society to find out who has passed away for free and without having to do a search on an internet search engine (i.e. Google, Internet Explorer, etc.) We also allow families to post obituaries of their deceased loved ones for free.

2. Why are there no photos on obituaries and the text is different from the original?

By law, we can only post obituaries using basic facts: names, cities, and dates. We do this and add text, along with a list of predeceased and survived relatives. Only obituaries posted by the family or funeral home directly to our website have photos and original text. We encourage families to add photos and upload original text to their loved one's obituary for free. We also encourage funeral homes to work with us by sharing their obituaries with permission of the families. Funeral homes can share obituaries with us through our affiliates section for free to receive monetary aid for families to help with funeral costs.

3. What is the purpose of everhere?

We are connecting society by providing a free extension of what funeral homes provide for families. Families can share their loved one’s obituary online with their friends and family, for free, to invite them to the funeral services. This method saves time for the family to reflect during a difficult time in their life. We’re similar to newspapers since we have millions of visitors pleased to receive obituaries daily.

4. What are the “Light a Candle” and “Send Flowers” options? Where does the money go?

These options are provided if someone would like to light an animated digital candle on the obituary page or send flowers to the funeral services or family directly. The fees for lighting a candle are fees that goes towards the development of our company, since our company provides our online services for free. Flowers that are purchased on our website are fulfilled by local florists. The person purchasing the flowers must provide the address of where the flowers are being sent. There is no obligation for anyone to purchase anything from our website. It is just there so people have the option. It also makes things simpler for those who wish to send flowers as flower orders are automatically sent to the closest local florist of the recipient. You can also leave condolences when a candle is lit or flowers are sent and an image of a candle or the image of the flowers you purchased will appear in your post as well.

5. Is it free to send condolences?

Yes, you can write condolences directly on the obituary page, which appear in the “Guestbook” section.

6. Are families notified when a candle is lit or condolences are sent? How?

Yes, the family of the deceased can be notified when someone lights a candle, sends flowers, or leaves condolences. The person or group lighting the candle, sending the flowers, and/or leaving condolences must click one of the icons in the top left corner of their message box to select how you would like to notify the family and provide the necessary information.

7. If there are errors in an obituary can it be fixed?

Yes. Contact us directly and notify us on what needs to be changed and we will make the necessary changes upon request. Please note that some obituaries may not appear on our site exactly how they were first created due to the wishes of some funeral homes.

8. Can an obituary be removed?

Yes. If you would like to remove an obituary, click on the “Report this memorial” button located underneath the “Send Flowers” button. Please note that the link to the obituary might still be viewed on internet search engines until their maintenance is completed. However, when that link is clicked, the page will not be found because it had already been deleted by us.

9. What is the refund policy ?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 120 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.

10. What is the privacy policy ?

This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.