Blackmer Funeral Home

Located in Grangeville, Idaho

305 N Mill St, Grangeville, ID

Burial service, Funeral service, Cremation, Pre-arrangements, Administration support


Located in Grangeville, Idaho

We offer burial, cremation, monument and pre-planning services in the region of North Central Idaho. It is our goal to provide you with information, services and products that will produce satisfying results for you in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. As a fourth generation funeral director, Jeff Blackmer understands the needs of his clients.

His legacy is to provide quality services that help families manage final arrangements in the death of a loved one, or to help relieve the burden of funeral planning and preparation by family members. Through discussion and consultations, Blackmer Funeral Home can help individuals to enjoy the peace of mind of pre-planning and to ensure that the funeral will reflect his or her desired wishes.

Jeff Blackmer is a licensed funeral director, mortician and offers pre-need counseling, monuments, casket selection, and burial insurance or life insurance needs.

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