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Funeral homes - Buffalo, New York: 41 results

Alan R. Core Funeral Home, Inc.

102 Linwood Ave, Buffalo, NY

Amigone Funeral Home Inc

569 Cleveland Dr, Buffalo, NY

Brian K. Lewis Funeral Home

347 Peckham St, Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Niagara Cremation Service

580 South Park Avenue, Buffalo, New York, 14210, United States


Bury & Luka Funeral Home

3070 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, New York, 14217, United States

(716) 875-2261

Bury & Roberts Funeral Home

3070 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, New York, 14217, United States


C Mertz & Son Funeral Home Inc

911 Englewood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14223, USA

+1 716-836-2935

C. Mertz and Son Funeral Home, Inc.

911 Englewood Ave, Buffalo, NY

Charles F Mc Mahon Funeral Home

982 Abbott Rd, Buffalo, New York, 14220, United States

(716) 823-3227

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