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Bomberger-Lesko Funeral Home

1660 N Main Ave, Scranton, PA 18508, USA

+1 570-346-7336

Bomberger-Lesko Funeral Home Inc

1660 N Main Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania, 18508, United States


Carl J Savino Funeral Home

157 S Main Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania, 18504, United States


Chipak Funeral Home

343 Madison Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania, 18510, United States


Corey Brian Strauch Services, LLC

602 Birch St, Scranton, PA

Cremation Society of NE Penn

2031 Green Ridge St, Dunmore, PA 18512, USA

(866) 408-3665

Edward J Chomko Funeral Home & Cremation Services

262 Railroad Ave, Scranton, PA 18505, USA

+1 570-342-3657

Edward Knight O'Donnell Funeral

323 William St, Scranton, PA 18508, USA

+1 570-342-1063

Eugene A Cusick Funeral Home

217 Jefferson Ave, Scranton, PA 18503, USA

+1 570-342-3191

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