A Journey With Wings

A Journey With Wings

Located in Anaheim, California

244 Dale St, Anaheim, CA

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Located in Anaheim, California

A Journey With Wings was started by the father-daughter team of Jamie and Robert. Our family would be honored to help your family with this very special memorial. We are a business dedicated to . We provide a personalized farewell with locations and participation options that are as unique as the life of the deceased. We understand that families choose cremation and scattering for many different reasons.

Whether it is the desire to have their cremated remains scattered over a meaningful place or it is about being set free, or about that very special farewell. For whatever the reason, A Journey With Wings would be honored to help realize that final wish. Since 2002 we have scattered ashes for over 1,300 families. We have grown to include two airplanes and many witnessing and location options.

In the 12 years since we have been open, many scattering companies have come and gone, but we continue to strive each day to improve our services, expand our options and honor the lives the clients we service. Jamie is a commercial pilot. She received her private pilot"s license when she was 18, and her commercial license shortly after.

Jamie dreamed of a flying career, but she was beginning to realize that it wasn"t going to allow her the family life she dreamed of. Then one day, a friend who was a funeral director, suggested that she could do him a favor. A family wanted to have cremated remains scattered by airplane. Intrigued, Jamie set out to learn all she could.

Jamie soon realized that there weren"t many options out there for families. The locations were limited, and the ability for the family to participate didn"t exist. One thing she also discovered was it wasn"t as easy as it seemed. Other pilots had many stories of how things can go terribly wrong. Realizing she only had one chance to get it done right Jamie turned to her dad, Robert, to help discover a way to successfully scatter the cremated remains in a reverent and dignified manner.

He did, and that first job was done well. Jamie felt so moved by the experience; she decided to start A Journey With Wings. Since that first flight, A Journey With Wings has served over 800 families. We have welcomed two planes to our service and one additional pilot, Kris. Kris is an airline pilot and flight instructor with over 5,000 hours of experience.

Kris too shared the love of flying with his father, and obtained his license when he was 17 years old. Jamie met Kris and his piper Aztec airplane while they were both volunteer pilots with the Flying Samaritans providing medical services to a remote village in Mexico. Jamie was impressed with Kris" knowledge and professionalism and asked him to join her in A Journey With Wings.

Kris has made his Aztec a perfect airplane for scattering cremated remains. Kris and his piper Aztec also fly on the private scattering flights. There is a video screen connected to camera on the belly of the plane, so that family acting as crew-members on board may view the scattering.

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