Balboa Cremation Services and Village Cremation Service, Inc

Balboa Cremation Services and Village Cremation Service, Inc

Located in Chula Vista, California

303 F St, Chula Vista, CA

Traditional service, Cremation, Pre-arrangements


Located in Chula Vista, California

Opening Village Cremation Service was an idea that began to take shape, not just from years of working in this business, but also from many more years of living here and getting to know so many wonderful people in this community. My wife and I moved our family to this area in 1994 from Orange County. Originally, I came here to take a management position with one of the maquiladora operations working between San Diego and Tijuana.

Our company supplied packaging to nearly all of the Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese electronics manufacturers that popped up in Tijuana. Times were good and I thought, "with the American market for electronics just across the border, this good business could go on for a long time." Unfortunately, those times didn"t last and I found myself looking for a job.

I found one that I had to think long and hard upon whether it was for me or not. I decided to take the job and for the last nearly 6 years I worked at one of the largest funeral homes in the county. I found that working with families that have had a loss was something that I was able to handle well. I felt good about the work I was doing.

As I said, I have come to know so many good people in this area just through our family activities with kids at the local schools and in sports. I have also been active with the Kiwanis club, Boys and Girls Clubs, chambers of commerce, and have served on Chula Vista"s Charter Review Commission. As I talked with people around the community and as I saw firsthand at the funeral home where I worked, I noticed increasing numbers of families forgoing the traditional funeral services with the viewing and expensive casket, and choosing instead to go with a simple cremation and holding a nice memorial service instead.

With many families spread across the country and around the world these days it makes sense. I believe that Village Cremation Service, a small funeral home specializing in cremation services, with low overhead and reasonable prices will be a great asset to our community. I really hope to provide a comforting and valuable service to families in the South Bay who have had a loss or who are pre-planning in order to take that burden off of their loved ones.

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