Stewart Funeral Home

Stewart Funeral Home

Located in Washington, District of Columbia

4001 Benning Rd NE, Washington, DC

Cremation, Pre-arrangements, Grief support, Caskets & Vaults & Urns and more products, Flowers


Located in Washington, District of Columbia

John T. Stewart, Sr. founded the Stewart Funeral Home at 62 H Street, Northwest, marking the beginning of a rich heritage and tradition of unique professional and community service to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area that is referred to by the family as " John T. Stewart, Sr. later moved the business to 30 H Street, N.E. to meet the needs of rapid growth.

He and his family expanded the business to encompass 32 H Street, N.E. During this first half-century and afterwards the elder John Stewart became well-known through the local community for his Christian charity, kindness and benevolence -- virtues providing a solid foundation upon which his family and business were to grow. and continued his father's legacy.

He and his wife Margaret Stewart, who gave up her career as a teacher in Prince George's County, continued the tradition of sympathy and service to the community, serving in both leadership and advisory roles in numerous civic, religious and public service organizations. In 1964, with continued growth of the business and inherited dedication to providing top quality care and sympathy, John T. Stewart, Jr. built a first rate facility at 4001 Benning Road, N.E., which today stands as a landmark institution in Washington, D.C. This new and modern facility was built by John T. Stewart, Jr. as a memorial to his father, the founder of Stewart Funeral Home.

And like his father, John T. Stewart, Jr. provided tutelage of his sons in funeral service and the importance of community responsibility. . Stacye and Carlin, Jr. are under the personal and professional tutelage of their fathers. With every move from the turn of the 19th century to the turn of the 20th century, the Stewart family has held steadfast to the legacy and landmark principles of quality, integrity and dignified professional services and community involvement.

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