Sound Choice Cremation and Burials

Sound Choice Cremation and Burials

Located in Sarasota, Florida

4609 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL

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Located in Sarasota, Florida

Sound Choice provides a modest and comfortable environment to plan and organize simple yet meaningful memorials for those you love. Whether you choose a simple direct cremation or a life celebration, you will find our unique ideas and products will save you money. We provide you with peace of mind knowing our staff of professional, caring arrangement planners will assist you with every detail of your arrangements.

It"s true, we are less expensive, but it"s the friendly and compassionate service that defines Sound Choice. Sound Choice is more affordable than other funeral services because we don"t add in another layer of expenses. We are completely self-sufficient, and because of that, excellent and affordable services are available.

We pride ourselves on the comfortable atmosphere and the compassionate care provided by our team. We want to provide you and your family with peace of mind about the process and all the arrangements. Please don"t hesitate to ask for clarification on any of our services. – Feel confident and secure as you learn about our unique cremation process and our commitment to every family we serve.

Once we receive your call, our staff attends to every detail using our Cremation Assurance Program. – Your loved one has an identification band placed on arrival and then our tracking system, leveraging a unique identification number, ensures that everything is handled succinctly. This number is stamped into a bronze identification tag and remains with the individual throughout the entire process.

This number is used to track every phase of the cremation process. Our tracking system includes date of arrival (at our facility), name of the transfer technician, the exact cremation container selected by the family, and the urn that will hold the cremated remains. – Time to see your loved one before cremation can be arranged for to help you through the grieving process, and being present during the process can also be arranged.

Family members are also invited to personalize their loved one"s cremation container, if desired. – When your loved one is taken to our crematory, his or her personal information is recorded in our cremation logbook. This log contains the name of the individual, date and time of the cremation, identification number, and certified crematory operator"s name.

Our crematory log is dated and the time is noted and initialed by a cremation technician, verifying both start and completion time of the cremation. – The crematory checklist and identification card is placed on the outside of the cremation chamber. The bronze identification tag is placed on the inside of the crematory with your loved one during the cremation process. – After the cremation is complete, the cremated remains are placed along with the bronze identification tag into the urn selected by your family.

The identification card is placed inside the urn with the cremated remains. – Our staff will notify you to schedule a time for receipt of the cremated remains. At this time, we will provide you with the necessary paperwork should you decide to have the urn placed in a cemetery or to take the urn with you on an airplane. – We will assist in planning a celebration of life, memorial, or a simple gathering to say goodbye — either before or after the cremation — to appropriately celebrate the life of your loved one.

A meaningful ceremony provides an opportunity for family and friends to pay tribute to your loved one and to share the memories of a lifetime.

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