Aj Spadafora Funeral Home

Aj Spadafora Funeral Home

Located in Malden, Massachusetts

865 Main St, Malden, MA


Located in Malden, Massachusetts

We specialize in planning your service with compassion. AJ Spadafora Funeral Home is a family owned & operated business. We have decades of experience providing affordable and memorable funerals for many people in our community and surrounding towns. Our funeral home has earned accolades and acclaim for its tireless effort to exceed your expectations.

We would love to take care of your loved one that has passed and leave you with a beautiful memory of honoring that persons life.

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Aj Spadafora Funeral Home Aj Spadafora Funeral Home 865 Main St, Malden, MA 781-324-8680 Send flowers

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Helen R. Buonomo Obituary
Helen R. Buonomo

January 31, 2020 (92 years old)

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