A Burial At Sea

A Burial At Sea

Located in Uxbridge, Massachusetts

92 Aldrich St, Uxbridge, MA

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(508) 278-0606

Located in Uxbridge, Massachusetts

Thousands of years man has chosen the sea as the final resting place of many generations. The ashes of Captain Morin's own parents are traveling the oceans of the world for eternity – in their lifetime, there was nothing they loved more than ocean travel and visiting distant places of peace, tranquility, and paradise. Our Burial At Sea service ensures your loved one a final resting place at sea, while relieving family of financial burdens in their time of distress.

A service at sea may be performed for as little as $295. Maritime funeral services include dignified attended or unattended ash scattering off southern coast of Rhode Island. Burial certificate included with latitude, longitude. Funeral services also available for pets. Services include burial at sea, burial at sea ri, ash scattering, ash scattering ri, ash scattering at sea, ash scattering at sea ri, spreading ashes, spreading ashes ri, spreading ashes at sea, spreading ashes at sea ri, sea burial, sea burial ri, green burial, green burial ri, maritime funeral service, maritime funeral service ri, funeral service at sea, funeral service at sea ri, scattering cremated remains at sea, scattering cremains at sea, memorial service at sea, pet funeral at sea, pet burial at sea.

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A Burial At Sea A Burial At Sea 92 Aldrich St, Uxbridge, MA (508) 278-0606 Send flowers