Swanson Funeral Home

Swanson Funeral Home

Located in Pontiac, Michigan

806 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI

Traditional service, Cremation, Pre-arrangements, Grief support, Death certificate, Chapel


Located in Pontiac, Michigan

O'Neil D. Swanson knows divine inspiration. Seemingly touched and inspired by a higher power, the idea of personal service through an extraordinary connection to the community has been key to the success of the Swanson Family of Funeral Homes. O'Neil D. Swanson was born in Birmingham Alabama and moved at an early age to Dayton Ohio, where he attended school and graduated as a member of the National Honor Society from the Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School.

In June 1953, he graduated from Central State University, and from 1953 through 1955 served the United States as a member of the military, receiving an honorable discharge with the rank of First Lieutenant. O'Neil then continued his education at the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science, graduating cum laude in 1956, and in that same year he improved his professional status by passing the National Conference of Funeral Services Examiners Board.

Two years later, O'Neil D. Swanson founded Swanson Funeral Homes, Inc. in Detroit, Michigan. As the business grew and prospered, the Swanson Foundation was established to fullfill a responsibility to the community by providing scholarships for the less fortunate and to aid other underserved areas of the community. In addition, O'Neil has been active in many business, cultural and social organizations and his achievements have been recognized by many, including the conferring of two honorary Doctorate Degrees by both Shaw College in Detroit, Michigan and Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio.

O'Neil D. Swanson first opened the doors of the Swanson Funeral Home in 1958 pledging to provide superior service to all who walked through his doors. Since that time, the Swanson Funeral Home has become a fixture in the community, providing outstanding service. O'Neil D. Swanson is a pioneer in the field of Mortuary Science, constantly raising the level of service and support to the community.

Today he continues to provide that same kind of personal service and compassionate support to the community along with the entire Swanson Family and Staff.

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Swanson Funeral Home [East] Swanson Funeral Home [East] 806 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 313-923-1122 Send flowers
Swanson Funeral Home [North West] Swanson Funeral Home [North West] 14751 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 313-272-9000 Send flowers
Cobb-Swanson Chapel [Pontiac] Cobb-Swanson Chapel [Pontiac] 151 Orchard Lake Rd, Pontiac, MI 248-858-2640 Send flowers

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