Mccoy & Blossom Funeral Home

Mccoy & Blossom Funeral Home

Located in Eolia, Missouri

107 Church St, Eolia, MO

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Located in Eolia, Missouri

Our MISSION STATEMENT is what drives everything we do in our company: "TREATING EVERY FAMILY AS IF THEY WERE OUR OWN." A simple philosophy that has carried our company for over 84 years and now into the 21st century. The Blossom family has owned & operated McCoy-Blossom Funeral Homes & Crematory for over 36 years. We remain committed to our families and our devoted service to them.

Our #1 priority is providing compassionate, caring service to the families that we serve. That means being available, day or night when you need us. 1. McCoy-Blossom Funeral Homes & Crematory is the ONLY 100% LOCALLY FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED funeral home & crematory in Troy. Since 1933, the McCoy-Blossom Funeral Homes & Crematory have served the Lincoln and Pike County areas with caring compassion.

We have the LARGEST facility totally dedicated to serving area families, with ample parking to accommodate many people 2. For the past 35 years, the Blossom family has continued the tradition of caring for the families they serve. We are the ONLY funeral home in the area that has three generations of the Blossom family serving our community. 4.

All of our staff members are local residents with many years of local knowledge and the ability to serve every family with care,compassion,and concern. 5. All of the embalming and other specialized funeral preparations, including cremation are completed in our own facilities. 6. We are the only funeral home in Lincoln and Pike counties that has a walk-in refrigerated cooler for the temporary holding of human remains.

This feature makes it possible for a family to have much more time for planning or waiting for out-of-town family members to return for funeral services. 7. Arrangement conferences, visitations and funerals & cremation services are held with an owner present at all times. 8. At McCoy-Blossom Funeral Homes & Crematory ,we offer customized funeral and cremation care.

Our goal is to provide your family with many options,at many different price ranges, to provide a personalized service for your loved one. We offer the BEST VALUE in service and merchandise at the lowest possible cost. 9. We are AVAILABLE 24 hours a day,7 days a week,365 days a year providing comforting assistance to the families we serve. 10.

Our professional service facilities,visitation rooms, service rooms,reception/banquet rooms,are available at all times to serve those in need of our care. 11. All of our specialized motor equipment are matching black service vehicles reserved for the use of the families we serve. 12. Our FAMILY, not corporate ownership, makes us able to provide economical funeral and cremation services within the means of every family. 13.

We put your family and your needs first, ALWAYS. You will never get an answering machine when you call our funeral home. You will always be received by a caring member of our staff. Your family is ALWAYS our only priority, not all funeral homes are alike, that is certain. 14. During the visitation and service time, our large lounge area is always available for use.

In addition,we have a banquet/reception center that can serve 60 people. The banquet/reception area is all on one level at the east end of our facility and is 100% handicapped accessible. This area is very open with many windows to let the sunlight stream in a peaceful room. 16. We are the LARGEST FUNERAL HOME IN TROY. We are the only funeral home that has the ability to hold 4 funeral services in our facility at one time.

Even though we have the most to offer we do NOT cost more. If at any time you would like either a tour of our facilities or some information on funeral planning , please call anytime. 18. Our funeral home has been owned and operated solely by the Blossom Family for over 34 years. We have not ever changed hands. We take our commitment to you and your family to heart, and we strive for perfection.

When you come to our funeral home you will see the same familiar faces you have always seen, Jim Blossom, Mari Blossom, Lisa Blossom-Payne and Sarah Blossom- Horn..... our family. The Troy facility is located at 1304 Boone St.,Troy,M0. 63379 and is our central location. We also have facilities in: Hawk Point,MO. at 493 Main Street , Eolia,M0. at 107 Church Street - tele #573-485-8244 and Moscow Mills,MO. at 325 Main Street.

Making the many decisions which come at a time of loss is difficult. With our online , you can select the arrangements which are best for your preferences and budget.

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