Anctil-Rochette & Son Funeral Home

Anctil-Rochette & Son Funeral Home

Located in Nashua, New Hampshire

21 Kinsley St, Nashua, NH

Burial service, Funeral service, Memorial service, Cremation, Shipping, Special service for veterans, Pre-arrangements, Grief support, Transport, Limousine, Caskets & Vaults & Urns and more products, Flowers, Thanatopraxy, Death certificate, Cash advances, Administration support


Located in Nashua, New Hampshire

Established in 1926 by the late Pete Anctil, the Anctil Funeral Home operated on the corner of Vine and Kinsley Streets until 1952. In 1952 Fernand Desjardins purchased the funeral home from Mr. Anctil and moved it to its present location at 21 Kinsley Street. In 1982 Paul S. Rochette returned to Nashua and purchased the funeral home from Mr. Desjardins and quickly renovated the interior and exterior of the building to provide a more home-like atmosphere.

By 1983 the funeral home name was adjusted to become the Anctil-Rochette Funeral Home. In November of 2005, a 2200 sq. foot addition was completed. This addition, plus the total renovation of the existing building, has given the funeral home a modern atmosphere. Complete with two new handicap restrooms, a conference room, a children"s room, and the original building underwent a drastic makeover.

The new addition has two coat rooms and a room that can accommodate close to 200 guests. This room may be divided to serve multiple families. Five years after this total renovation, the funeral home is once again undergoing changes. Portions of carpeting in the office and hallway have been removed and hardwood floors have been installed.

As the funeral home continues to evolve and serve the needs of the community, two flat screen televisions have been added for those wishing to display video tributes. Many changes have taken place in the funeral industry since 1926 and the Anctil-Rochette & Son Funeral Home, Inc. has adapted to each of those changes. Our staff provides each family with caring service.

Now in its 89th year, the funeral home remains a family owned and operated business within the community. One item that has remained constant is our continued commitment to meeting the changing needs of the families we serve.

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