Bernard S Gutkowski Funeral Home

Bernard S Gutkowski Funeral Home

Located in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania

305 Jefferson St, Bridgeport, PA

Burial service, Funeral service, Memorial service, Pre-arrangements, Caskets & Vaults & Urns and more products


+1 610-275-6385

Located in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania

In 2013 Bernard turned over the day to day operation of the funeral home to his longtime assistant Keith J Murphy. Keith has been with the funeral home for 20 years and has been a licensed funeral director since 1984. We pride ourselves in serving every family with the best service, no matter what type of service you select.

You can select from a traditional Funeral Service or cremation. We at the Bernard S. Gutkowski Funeral Home, Inc are here to serve you at the time of your loss. We can also help you in choosing a memorial stone or do an engraving to an existing stone.

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Bernard S Gutkowski Funeral Home Bernard S Gutkowski Funeral Home 305 Jefferson St, Bridgeport, PA +1 610-275-6385 Send flowers