George A. Strish, Inc. Funeral Home

Located in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

105 N Main St, Ashley, PA 18706, USA

Funeral service, Grief support


+1 570-822-8575

Located in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

A team of funeral professionals that have years of experience in the field. At George A. Strish, Inc. Funeral Home you can rest easy knowing that our staff is prepared to run a peaceful and respectful ceremony for your family and loved ones. We are Pennsylvania licensed and proud members of the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association (PFDA), and Luzerne County Funeral Directors Association (LCFDA).

Our elegant funeral home was started in the Strish family home by George A. Strish Senior and his lovely wife, Anna. In the early 1940s, George and Anna helped grieving families by hosting wakes in their home until opening officially in 1943. As their children grew the entire family helped with the business allowing it to expand with the branch office in Glen Lyon in 1976.

Today the family business is run by George and Anna's dedicated children, son George A. Strish Jr and daughter Deborah Strish Katra who are second generation and grandsons George A. Strish III and Eric R. Strish, third generation. For seven decades George A. Strish, Inc. Funeral Home has maintained its mission to deliver excellent services to families in their time of need.

Your family and friends will be able to pay their respects in our relaxed environment that has comforted families for generations. Our buildings are within reach of all major highways. We have ample parking and are handicapped-accessible.

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George A. Strish, Inc. Funeral Home 105 N Main St, Ashley, PA 18706, USA +1 570-822-8575 Send flowers