Kline Funeral Chapel

Kline Funeral Chapel

Located in Belle Fourche, South Dakota

838 State St, Belle Fourche, SD

Cremation, Pre-arrangements, Grief support, Limousine, Caskets & Vaults & Urns and more products, Chapel


Located in Belle Fourche, South Dakota

Frost Funeral Home was established in 1905 by Harry Frost and was located in a store front on Main Street of Belle Fourche. In later years the funeral home relocated to what is now a private family home just a block East of where the funeral home now stands. In the 1950"s the funeral home was built on the lot that it currently operates at, 838 State Street and was operated by Harry Frost and his son, Otha Frost.

Frost and Sons Funeral Home was in the Frost family for three generations. In February of 1994, Brian D. Kline and my father and mother, Allen and Ruth Kline purchased the funeral home from Art O"Connell and Jack Frost. I, Brian D. Kline, grew up on my parents farm/ranch near Bowman, North Dakota and attended school at Scranton Public School, graduating in 1984.

While in school I joined the Boy Scouts and was awarded my Eagle Scout Badge in 1979, under the presidency of Jimmy Carter. While in high School I became an accomplished oil painter and enjoyed woodworking and was awarded the golden hammer, for being the outstanding industrial arts student of my senior year. In 1985 I started my pre-mortuary at Dickinson State College and served my internship at the Mitchell Olson Funeral Home in Dickinson, ND under Leo Ladbury and Marlin Olson.

I transferred to Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, OR where I graduated in 1988 with an Associate Degree in Mortuary Science. From there I moved to Fairbanks, Alaska and worked for three years in the funeral business for Alaskan Memorial Parks, Inc. I married in 1989 and to this marriage my daughter Ilishka was born.

After leaving Alaska I moved to Spearfish, SD and worked for Fidler Funeral Chapel under Ray and Nadine Fidler. In 1994 I then purchased Frost and Sons Funeral Home. My full time staff consists of myself and Funeral Director/Embalmer, Mynde Stilwell; Funeral Director Assistants, Andy Anderson and Brian Aspen. I pride myself in my artistic work and provide families with a meaningful and personal funeral to honor and remember those who have gone before us and to inspire those who are living.

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