Magnolia Funeral Home/Cemetery

Magnolia Funeral Home/Cemetery

Located in Magnolia, Texas

811 Magnolia Blvd, Magnolia, TX

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Located in Magnolia, Texas

Magnolia Funeral Home and Magnolia Memorial Gardens (a perpetual care cemetery) are beautiful facilities located in the rapidly growing Southwest Montgomery county serving Tomball, Montgomery, The Woodlands, Waller and the entire Northwest Houston area. Our funeral home is designed with maximum comfort in mind for the families we serve.

Our goal is for you to feel like you have just entered a large, inviting, comfortable home when you enter the front doors. Actually, you will probably get this feeling before you even walk in when you see our white rocking chairs on the front porch. Upon entering our funeral home, you will immediately notice soft earth-tone colors accented with burgundy and off-white carpet and furnishings to match.

After entering the lobby - designed to feel like a large living room - you will notice a large, comfortable "break room" equipped with tables and chairs where coffee and cookies are served during funeral visitations. It is not unusual to hear laughter coming from that room as loved ones reminisce about the wonderful times they shared with their departed relative.

One of the things you will be impressed with in our funeral home is the "big screen" television that is built into the upper wall behind the pulpit. We provide, at no additional cost, digital memorials of your loved one by scanning photos onto a DVD disk. We traditionally play the disk on a repeat basis while people are coming into the funeral service or we can play it during the funeral service or memorial service.

We believe this added service provides a more meaningful funeral service or memorial service. Although there are other family owned funeral homes in the area we believe we offer a unique funeral experience for you and your family. The biggest difference at Magnolia Funeral Home is our availability. From the funeral arrangements conference (and sometimes from the very first call) to the final funeral service, memorial service, grave side service or cremation of your loved one, you will deal with us (Glenn and Lorie Addison), the owners of Magnolia Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

We (the Addison's) will do everything within our power to make sure you are completely satisfied with every aspect of the funeral service, cremation or burial services you choose for your loved one.

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