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Steven Dennis (Steve) Carby's obituary , Passed away on May 26 2017 in Shreveport, Louisiana

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Steven Dennis (Steve) Carby

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Here is Steven Dennis (Steve) Carby’s online obituary. Please accept Everhere’s sincere condolences.

It is with great sadness that we celebrate the life and death of Steven Dennis Carby of Shreveport, Louisiana, who passed away on May 26th 2017, leaving behind his loving family. Which includes: his parents Marvin and Valerie carby, Wife, Kelly Carby, children Sydney Snyder-Carby, Katherine Blake Carby, Brian Mitchell Bennett Carby: mother and father in law Patricia and Don Darby, sister and brother-in-law Jennifer and Jason Lambright, sister and brother in law Josh and Lauren Jacobs, nephews Jaxon and Steele Lambright.

Steve was a successful attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana for over 18 years. He started his law career as a former Assistant City Prosecutor for the City of Shreveport and a former Special Assistant District Attorney for Caddo Parish. This gave him a deep understanding of the criminal system, and when he started his own practice, he treated every client as if they were his most important client.

His compassion was undeniable as was his love for life and his 3 children, Sydney, Blake and Bennett and his wife, Kelly.

Steve loved playing golf. He loved his home located in the southern trace community. He loved sports, every sport! He also loved traveling with his wife Kelly to attend Dallas Mavericks basketball games. When the kids were younger, he loved taking Sydney and Bennett to baseball games.

He loved to ski. He was an excellent skier. He was able to take the kids to beaver creek, Colorado at the beginning of January, 2017, before he became so ill.

He never missed a soccer game, or anything at the school for his children. He attended every event for every child. He never missed a Father’s Day mass at Sydney’s school, St. Joseph Catholic Church

Steve passed away on May 26, 2017 after a long battle with cancer. During his last six weeks of life, he depended on his sole caregiver, his wife Kelly to help through this very hard and painful time. After many weeks of trying to get better, Steve finally made the hard decision to do hospice, he chose in-home hospice, because he loved his home and hated hospitals. With his wife Kelly right by his side, to help him get through this hard time, she kept his mind at ease and cared for him 24/7, she did not leave his side.

Even when on hospice, Steve continued to have a positive outlook of life and everything in it.

Anyone who knows Steve, knows he was a very private person. He wanted his friends to remember the energetic and funny guy they always knew him as. He did not want to be remembered as a sick, dying man.

Steve helped so many people in his 50 years on this earth. He was a kind, loving and generous soul. It gives his family peace of mind to know he is in an amazing place now, where cancer does not exist and he is painfree, and surrounded by souls he has lived for millennia.

He is greatly missed everyday by his wife, and their children.

Special thanks to all of Steve’s and Kelly’s family and friends who showed so much support for them through such a sad and hard time. Thanks to all who respected Steve and his family’s privacy through this time as well

Suggested donation : Stand Up To Cancer


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Kelly carby wrote a sympathy message

Saturday, September 29, 2018  

We love you forever Steve

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